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Here Are 3 Responsive Enterprise eCommerce Platforms in the United Kingdom

Your e-commerce website can affect the purchasing behaviors of your customers. The design plays a crucial role in the success of your business. It should be responsive in a way that it can support different screen sizes. Responsiveness has many benefits for your business. It will increase the conversion rate. Because most of the customers are busy and others are on the go, they prefer using mobile which is flexible. Thus, if you create one that supports various mobile devices, you will offer an opportunity for customers to view your products.

Also, with a responsive website, you will enhance ranking on search engines. With this, you will increase sales. But how will you create a mobile-friendly site without much effort? In the United Kingdom, there are millions of responsive enterprise e-commerce platforms. Here are among the best:

Shopify plus

Shopify plus provides a hosted e-commerce solution to online retailers. Thus, you don’t have to worry about security features. It will be responsible for your site’s safety. Being a hosted enterprise e-commerce platform, Shopify comes with advanced features. Thus, you will not have to perform the coding. You will only transfer the elements and customizing them using the drag and drop editor. The good thing about this platform is its templates. They are highly responsive to allow you to go mobile. With this, customers will make payments by use of a device of their choice. Also, Shopify SDK App will allow you to control your business using mobile. Hence, you can manage the inventory as well as order from any place.

Magento enterprise

Do you know how to code? If yes, you should give Magento enterprise a priority. It is an advanced open source solution. The unique thing about Magento enterprise is that it will offer you total control of your site. You can customize it according to your business needs. When it comes to mobile-friendliness, Magento enterprise stands out from other enterprise e-commerce platforms. Its themes are designed to support various mobile devices.

Also, Magento enterprise being a self-hosted platform will allow you to code in a way that the site will respond to different devices.


When it comes to marketing your products, BigCommerce stands out from other enterprise e-commerce platforms in the United Kingdom. It comes with a reliable SEO features to allow you sell to the search engine users. Because of its customization feature, you can enhance the ranking of your site by compressing your files and adding unique elements. Also, it has the social media icon to allow you to share your ad on Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram.

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